Electric SPSV (eSPSV) Scheme – Government Car Scrappage Scheme Extended To Taxi Drivers 

Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan TD announces that Taxi Drivers are now eligible for Electric SPSV (eSPSV) Grant Scheme set to reduce and depollute Ireland


With the drive to create a more sustainable transport infrastructure, the Minister for Transport has given Taxi Drivers the green light to apply for the Electric SPSV (eSPSV) Scheme which now makes taxi drivers eligible for the scheme to receive upto €20,000.


Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan TD commented: “An efficient and low emitting public transport system is a key priority for my Department. This scheme will play a critical role in helping to reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions while also normalising the use of electric vehicles in Ireland. The overall funding has risen to €15m to help accelerate the greening of the SPSV fleet. It represents a doubling of supports in many instances as we work to support the sector as it moves towards electric vehicles.”


He continued with “Replacing older vehicles can play an important role in effecting a substantial reduction in transport CO2 and emissions, and the changes to the Scheme in 2021 reflect greater levels of support for older SPSVs, or those with high vehicle mileage.” This statement is backed with the implementation of SPSV dedicated recharging infrastructures across the country with notable sites being, Dublin & Cork airports as well as train stations at Dublin (Heuston), Cork (Kent) & Limerick (Colbert) with all being available from the start of the year.


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Regarding Taxi Drivers and the Electric SPSV (e SPSV) Government Car Scrappage Scheme

Minister Ryan went on to say: “Taxi drivers have had a difficult time during the pandemic, and while government has provided ongoing support we realise making an investment in a new vehicle at this time will be a challenge for many. However, we wanted to prepare the ground so that there are increased government car scrappage grants in place as the economy recovers.” It’s believed SPSV drivers who make the switch can also avail of VRT relief (up to €5,000), the Domestic Charger Scheme (up to €600) and annual toll refunds (up to €1,000).

How To Avail e SPSV grants For Taxi Drivers?

Vehicles eligible for the Electric SPSV Grant Scheme must meet minimum range and tailpipe emission criteria. A list of vehicles that meet the requirements is available here. But more importantly, to be eligible for the scheme an OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION is required.

A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is like a death certificate for an End of Life Vehicle (ELV). It is the only way for a scrap car to be deregistered legally and taken out of the ownership of the person who scraps the car. Without A Certificate Of Desctruction, the car remains in the name of the final owner and they remain responsible for anything related to the car. If you give your car to an unlicensed cash for cars company they can resell your car and it is put back on the road, the final owner could still receive parking fines, toll fines and speeding tickets.

Only licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) can issue a Certificate Of Destruction and each Certificate Of Destruction is linked back to the Authorised Treatment Facility that issues it. The Authorized Treatment facility is responsible for how they have recycled the car in their end of year reports.


A lot of companies are using the online system to issue Certificate Of Destruction (CODs), meaning you have to wait to receive your Certificate Of Destruction and then apply for the e spsv car scrappage scheme. We provide hardcopy Certificate Of Destruction right before removing the scrap car.

 We request all Taxi Drivers to be thoroughly aware of the e spsv grant scheme requirements before applying for the government car scrappage scheme  


Contact us to arrange your Certificate Of Destruction or any queries relating to this grant for taxi drivers.


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