What you need to know about deregistering your old vehicle

Certificates of Destruction.

We get a lot of enquiries about how the Certificate of Destruction system works, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?
A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is the death cert for an End of Life Vehicle (ELV) and as such it is the only way for a scrap car to be deregistered and taken out of the ownership of the person who scraps the car.

Who Can Issue a Certificate of Destruction?
Only licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) can issue a CoD. Each CoD is linked back to the ATF that issues it, and that facility must account for how they have recycled it in their end of year reports.

Why is a CoD so important?
Because without it, the car remains in the name of the final owner and they remain responsible for it. What this means is that if they give it to an unlicensed cash for cars company for example, who then resell it and it is put back on the road, the final owner could still receive parking fines, toll fines and speeding tickets.

What does a CoD look like?

The hardcopy CoD that we use is a form issued by the government, with a unique number, that is filled out in triplicate. The top, original copy is then given to the owner of the vehicle, before it is removed, and this is proof positive that the car has been disposed of properly.

What happens to the CoD?
The final owner has now discharged all their responsibilities, and we do the rest. One copy is retained on our site for 7 years, the third and final copy is sent to Shannon for processing.

Can I receive a CoD in the post?
A lot of companies are using the online system to issue CoDs. This means in effect that you have to wait until you receive your CoD. This lacuna has been used by unscrupulous operators to gain possession of the car without having to issue relevant documentation. It is for this reason alone that we have actively fought to retain the right to issue hardcopy CoDs before removing the scrap car.

In Conclusion

  • The CoD is important
  • Only licensed businesses can issue it
  • Get it before you give away the car Please ensure that you receive your CoD before you relinquish the vehicle, as once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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