How they value their cars for Scrappage do at Scrapmycar

 What makes a car more valuable

 What makes a car more valuable<br />

Welcome to, where we LOVE recycling  End of Life Vehicles (ELVs). Embark on a journey with us that prioritizes sustainability and maximizes the value of every scrap vehicle.

We fully utilize the weight, metal types, reusability of components, and proximity of your vehicle to our premises to optimize the recycling process. This means we give you , the owner, maximum value for your car, whilst also protecting the environment.

  • The Weight Advantage

    A Heavier Vehicle, A Greener Planet

    The heavier the vehicle, the greater the amount of metals and materials we can responsibly recycle.

  • Types of Metals.

    Each type of car is made up of different types of metals and in different amounts.  Metals we typically recover from an End of Life Vehicle include











    Other metal alloys

    Maximizing Reusability

    Beyond Recycling: A Commitment to Reuse

    At, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond recycling. While we do not sell parts to the general public, but we firmly believe in the power of remanufacturing and reuse. We sell components such as Brake Calipers, Injectors, Starters, Alternators, Turbos, and more, to our business partners which then undergo meticulous testing and reconditioning.  They are then sold with warranty to the public.


    At, we take recycling to the next level. Many cars have reached the end of their lives in Ireland but will be of use in other countries to service and maintain the older cars still used in other parts of the world.  We export to eastern Europe, Africa, the middle East and Asia.  Each component is meticulously stripped, labeled and loaded into containers, ready to be reused in different parts of the world. All customs and clearances are done in house by our team of professionals.

    Proximity Matters: Lowering Costs, Increasing Value

    We understand the importance of proximity when it comes to recycling. The closer a vehicle is to our state-of-the-art facility in north County Dublin, the lower the carbon footprint of our  transportation.  We pass on these cost savings to our customers by offering increased prices if the vehicle is nearby.

    Why Choose

    Environmental Stewardship in Action

    Reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation is at the core of our environmental ethos. By minimizing collection costs, we not only benefit our customers but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly recycling process.

    Join Where Sustainability Meets Value

    When you choose, you are choosing more than just a recycling service. You are choosing a commitment to a greener planet,  sustainable metal recycling, and a dedication to global reuse. Let your End of Life Vehicle make a lasting contribution to a sustainable future

    Contact us today for a seamless and rewarding recycling journey with Together, let’s redefine the value of recycling and make a difference—one vehicle at a time.


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