Find Quick And Easy Answers To Our Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot find my logbook/Vehicle Registration Certificate/VRC:

This is not a major problem, all you have to do is print out an RF134 form and get it signed by the Gardai to get another.   It should take about 10 working days to process.

I don’t have the key:

No problem, we ensure that all pickup lorries used by our agents are designed with flexibility in mind, we can lift cars in any shape or condition, with or without the keys.

My car wont start:

No problem. We can pick up cars in any condition, moving or not.

I want to keep my wheels:

Sometimes the wheels are necessary for the haulage of the vehicle, however we can arrange for them to be collected after depollution or the owner can follow the car to the yard to collect them.

My car is missing Major parts:

No problem, we can accept cars that have parts missing as the licensed operators in our network have a weighbridge..
Our operators have a fully tested and certified weighbridges which means we are not reliant on manufacturers specifications to guage the weight of a car.

When will I receive a call?:

If you fill out our online form you will receive a call as soon as possible, between the hours of 9 and 5 Monday to Friday. If you text us, we will reply almost any time within reason, and if you phone us response will be immediate during office hours. We have two lines in operation to ensure that we are contactable at all times.

How long does the process take?:

We aim to collect the car within 48 hours, or whenever is most convenient to the customer.

When will I get a Certificate of Destruction?:

Our drivers will issue with a CoD on the spot, and once the vehicles details are double checked against the documents at their yard, a copy is sent for deregistration at Shannon. The copy we give you is all the proof you need that the car is no longer on the road, and all your legal responsibilities are discharged by your possession of the CoD.

Do I need a Certificate of Destruction?:

Yes you do, it’s the only thing that can deregister a car in Ireland. Only fully licenced ATFs such as ours can issue them, and until you get a CoD you still legally own the car and are responsible for it if someone unscrupulous puts it back on the road

Do I need to be there when you collect?:

No it is common practice to lift the car when someone is at work. However, we do need someone authorized by the owner to sign the CoD, for this we need a letter of authorization Print this out and complete it, leave it with the authorized person who will sign the CoD and give it to you. Please note, as the CoD is a legal document you need to ensure that this person is trustworthy and that you will receive your copy of the CoD.

Do you have a license to collect cars?:

Yes. Not only do you have to have a licence to collect cars (A Waste Collection Permit) but you also need a licence to receive and treat them, (Waste Facility Permit.) Scrap cars are hazardous waste, and as such anyone handling it must adhere to the very strict rules and regulations imposed by the EU and our own government.  All of our agents are fully licensed to transport cars and to treat them

Do you only collect cars?:

No we lift vans, buses and light commercials too

Do you buy cars?:

No. Our agents are fully licensed and bound by the stipulations of the European Directive on End of Life Vehicles.  It means that 85% of the vehicle must be recycled, and that all paperwork is to be completed.  Also, there are costs involved in maintaining a waste permit, and huge infrastructural investment to ensure that the processes used to depollute and recycle cars do not harm the local environment.

Do you sell parts?:

No. All of our vehicles are scrapped

My car is not registered in Ireland can you still collect it?:

Yes, the process is as normal, and Shannon will notify the relevant country that the car has been scrapped here. You will still be issued with a Certificate of Destruction at collection.