News on RTEs Primetime programme recently contributed to an article on RTEs Primetime programme relating to Metal Theft. I think its fair to say that it has reached epidemic proportions. Remember too, that a lot of these cash for car merchants are supplying these illegal yards with feedstock, and there may be repercussions if your car is found on one of these illegal sites.

Hopefully the increase in public awareness of the problem will pressure the authorities to try to deal with this issue effectively.

Only time will tell



Scrapmy recently had the pleasure of receiving a radio crew from RTE 1s Pat Kennyshow. They were doing an article about the blight that is the illegal car scrappage industry in Ireland. The reporter, Paddy O Gorman, visited our site to see how things are supposed to be done. Manager Paul Devlin subsequently went live on the show to discuss the issue. Its great to see awareness growing of this black market which is, as Paul described it, ‘an ecological timebomb waiting to go off’



Greener Metal Recycling have invested in a new car transporter that can lift 3 vehicles at a time.The increased payload means that the fuel used for every collection is reduced by up to 30%,another reduction in our carbon footprint. If you want to arrange a collection please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e mail.



We have completed another phase of infrastructural investment this month, laying more concrete to store cars on. This means that the surface is impermeable, that no pollutants can get into the water table. It means increased capacity to handle yet more cars. If only all yards were the same, instead of hazardous chemicals seeping into the bare earth on which the car sits.